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NDS Chefs Academy (Ndikhoya Dinaledi Services (Pty) Ltd) - NDSCA is a black owned company that delivers training and skills development to young and adult learners in the different provinces in South Africa. Our training and skills development is geared towards Life skills, Hospitality and Tourism industry, with the aim of bridging the gap of knowledge and imparting skills for the working class, unemployed youth as well as individuals who aspire to improve their working environment.


NDS Chefs Academy complies with the Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment Act.




  • To create a centre of excellence that will take FET (Further Education and Training) to greater heights using practical learning approaches, that empowers learners with strong managerial foundation and disciplined culinary professional, with the aim of improving customer’s service to the hospitality & tourism patriots.
  • To develop and encourage good relationship with the Hospitality and Tourism industry and Institutions of Higher Education as well as the different SETAs, which will lead to the creation and guaranteeing of jobs or entrepreneurship for all its students/ trainees.




  • To offer superior and relevant education and training in the Hospitality and Tourism industry delivered by our vast experienced and industry specialist lecturers.
  • To up skill employees in the  food service management business using cutting edge training methods.
  • To offer bridging courses for  aspiring students who want to pursue a career in the Hospitality and  Tourism industry.
  • To advance skills levels and  knowledge in the Hospitality and Tourism industry, through research and development, of the best practices and thereby ensuring our competitive edge.
  • To advance and maintain high levels of professionalism which will ensure that our  learners reach their full potential and thereby provide excellent service   to their respective companies and business.



NDS provide service such as:


  • Skills Development
  • Training Catering service worker
  • Hospitality / Culinary skills
  • Business management training
  • Leadership skills
  • Communication skills in the work place
  • Customer service / customer orientation
  • Project management

At NDSCA we pride ourselves with our excellent customer and personal service which ensures we meet and exceed our customer expectations.


We are committed to building long term relationship with our customers and businesses in the different industries that we operate in, so as to enhance and promote superior service excellence and customer experience for their customers.




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